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Storm damage repair

Storm damage can affect more than just your roof! Shield Roofing and Energy can eliminate the need for multiple contractors or companies, simplifying the process and eliminate delays. As an experienced GC we will schedule and manage all repairs to ensure that all work is completed on a timely basis to your satisfaction.

Professional Inspection and representation

All Shield Roofing and Energy Pro’s have been trained to know the criteria that insurance companies use to calculate damage. Our pro’s are trained to perform a detailed report on your  roof’s condition and the damage from the previous storms . We will advise you to contact your insurance company to schedule an adjuster’s appointment to make sure all damage is in the adjusters claim report.

Storm Claim

After the storm adjusters appointment we will assure that the scope of work and payment from the insurance company is fair, making sure that everything is on the claim. Shield Roofing and Energy has systems in place to monitor the claims process to insure full payment is received from your carrier. Once the claim is filed Shield Roofing and Energy can finance your new roof system with financing.


Before the technicians arrive your  project manager  will communicate directly with you to ensure quality control though out the entire project. We protect your landscaping, pool, furniture and other valuables against debris and construction work.


Once your property is protected we can now begin the task of removing the old roof system  and the disposing of it.  We recycle as required by law and then inspect the decking for damaged or loose panels. We replace where necessary, even if your insurance carrier wont pay for it!

Attention to detail

Shield Roofing and Energy Pro’s have been trained to treat your home like its our home. That’s why we keep a clean and safe worksite. Once the new roof system is installed we blow out the gutters and remove all debris and sweep up. We also run magnets over the entire yard to make double sure that all nails are picked up.

Final Inspection

Now that we have finished the install we want to do a final walk through to inspect the job to guarantee your satisfaction! Once final walk through is completed and signed off on, we would like to hear your comments and of course we would appreciate if you would write a letter of recommendation!

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